Group Installation


Disembody is a documentary about building a theatre that features a documentary. It is a study in collaborative artwork, questioning creator versus viewer, self sacrifice in pursuit of the greater good, and the business of Hollywood. I was the graphic designer on the project.

Building & Filming

The documentary was filmed on-site while we built the theatre and subsequently shown at the theatre for a 10-day run. The gallery was open throughout the build process, with visitors signing releases to be part of the production.


My focus was to design all the promotional material akin to what would be created for any movie release. Everything from a film logo, teaser posters, and magazine ads, to tickets and theatre signage, I created. I screenprinted our branding onto the theatre concessions (candy, popcorn bags, etc) and created video game characters for a custom arcade in the lobby.


There was stress, arguments, crying, makes for good (read:entertaining) art. Is art supposed to be entertainment? I think that was quite a point of contention during the build. Here, the editors discuss the ethics of what footage to include or take out. Meanwhile, Lee discusses theoretical fates of the investments.

So, What?

By the end, everyone involved came away with a different understanding of what the project was about. I learned... 1.) Individuals, in a desire to be remembered, will make their voices louder at the expense of the group goal. 2.) It really does take a TON of documentary footage to end up with even a mediocre storyline (hello, reality TV). 3.) People definitely self-censored when cameras were around, especially me.

To be art, art must experiment. In this aspect, Disembody was a spectacular success.


Alex Lucas, Producer
Amy Sampson, Cinematographer
Carol-Anne McChrystal, Production Designer
Carson Murdoch, Exectutive Producer
David Gurman, Contractor
Elise Irving, Editor
Erin Standley, Graphic Designer
Hanif O’Neil, Conceptual Personal Trainer
Honyo Ote, Graphic Designer (Japanese Distribution)
Jack Trammel, Usherette
Janet Stott, Lawyer
Jonathan Gridnstaff, Technology Coordinator
Kathryn Wood, Costume Designer
Kerurah-Anne Cummings, Production Designer
Lee Pembleton, CEO, 23E Studios
Libby Reed, Composer
Marcella Faustini, Cinematograhper
Phil Spirito, Composer
Skye Thorstenson, Director
Stelios Valavanis, A/V Design
Susan Joyce, Executive Producer
Theodor Rzad, Architect
Yosh Han, Perfumer