Event Design

Big Omaha

Now in its seventh year, Big Omaha is one of the Country’s premiere entrepreneurial conferences. Myself, along with five others, presented the inaugural conference to a sold out crowd in 2009. My focus was to design the event.

Space Planning

Where will it be? How do we flow people through the space? Where can we get 400 chairs? How should we pace the events throughout the day? Will they know where the bathrooms are? How do we make sure our sponsors are seen and feel valued? Can I get coffee sponsor? Can we get a DJ?

I measured out the physical space and created a floorplan because The KANEKO didn’t have any building blueprints. I used this to share the event space plan with the team.


We worked with Oxide Design to create a logo, website, and visual brand assets that I could then carry into the event space. From this, I created everything from wayfinding signage to branded coffee cups (yeah, I got a coffee sponsor).

“Big Omaha used almost every bit of space on KANEKO’s first floor. The Bow Truss provided a perfect space for the speakers, the KANEKO-UNO Library became blog and Twitter central, and the Education Space and passageway was transformed into a high-tech playground.”



I love getting art and business to live in the same world. I brought the idea of an art installation to a few artists and design studios in the Omaha-area, and the response was great. We had five installations including one that integrated attendees’ photos and Twitter handles via their conference badge.

“...no one could overlook the sheer cool factor of the venue. Part library, part converted warehouse, part art gallery, the space was immaculately and consistently conceived.”

BIGOmaha: The Little Conference That Could
— Read Write Web